Gambar foto modifikasi yamaha vega zr 115 cc baru modif and litle spesifikasi

Seems that this is possible because for the test engine itself takes 1-2 years before the product is ready for lauch! The period when the new engine is considered less good Jupiter New ZZ do so?

Second, this action forced mengincar and Honda have been successful penetration strategy to change clothes with the Supra Fit REVO 100cc. Nah Vega ZR for slaughter REVO 100cc while the market Blade 110R at the beginning of the launch. How ZR Vega does not want to appear before the same engine which is similar to Jupiter for the new Z.

Akan Jupiter but still need a new super-cool and remain high performances for the ngabisin Blade 110R and maintain market its Jupiter-Z. Nah new Jupiter appears later deh so ... cause of the market condition.


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