Modification Gambar foto suzuki skywave 2009 and specs specification

Data Spesifikasi
Setang set : Viron Thailand
Takometer: Type R
Fuel Gauge : Moto R
The front shock absorber : DSK (4 buah)
The shock absorber behind : Yoko (2 buah)
The front disc : Ride It
The disc behind : Standar (depan)
The front tyre : Swallow 90/90-16
The tyre behind : Swallow 90/80-16
Modifikator : Roma Jansen Modification/0858-50929270

The modification suzuki skywave this is like motorbike speed. This is like the Yamaha mio or Vario/ or Kawasaki Ninja 150cc/250cc? rombak motor balap by skywave is very speedy. The riderlow not like if this is low.Moreover, Oding make use of piringan the brake had the front wheel. Alhasil more frugal, that's it! Now for the front disc was replaced the product of Ride-It berdiameter 320 mm plus Nissin calipers. Return to the wheel behind. For the fitting cakramn, was made braket just with the iron with a thickness of 10 mm. Then was welded in teromol the wheel behind. “Cakram behind him functioned correctly.


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