Minerva Design 2010 RV150 VX patented

Minerva's former motor sport, R150 frequently dicibir menciplak Honda CBR design. Minerva was answered with a completely overhauled the appearance of the R150.

Page measures and the Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) to fight the issues that did not stop there.

"Design of a penggati R150 R150 VX we have patented," said President Director of MMI, Kristianto Goenadi interrupted Minerva R150 VX test ride in Bandung, this weekend.

Latest design of the R150 is by Goenadi VX is the design of their own making in collaboration with design houses Megelli who also designed the design of Minerva Sachs 250.

"After a lot of negative responses, we immediately asked Megelli create new designs exclusively for the Indonesian market," added Kristianto.

With these steps, hoping Kristianto unfavorable responses can be reduced.

"Because we want the best for consumers in Indonesia," he said.

R150 VX itself has just launched some time ago with a sporty design that has a strict design lines.

Particularly sharp curve of the dynamic design of the tank directly on the motor that makes 150 cc engine wear significantly increases up to date.

Especially for the legs, upside down suspension Minerva apply at the front and monoshock at the rear.

While the runway for the kitchen sector, the engine 150 cc, SOHC Balancer Oil Cooler Advance the arms have the energy to peak torque of 13.5 dk reached 10.5 Nm.

And although the newly launched at the end of last month or last exactly 27 April 2010, motor sport is claimed Minerva has sold 1600 units.

High sales figures, according to Kristianto many donated by the sales on the island of Java.

"Java was still dominated up to 50 percent. Jakarta most of his interested, East Java, too," he said.

That's why Kristianto confident sales target to 30,000 units per year can be realized. For motor sport markets and spelled out the potential still has not been taken well by the manufacturers, the big motor manufacturers.

"Manufacturing-motor manufacturers still focus on ducks and skutik, sport bike market but could be enlarged. Therefore we believe that with this VX R150 Minerva," he concluded.


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