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2010 Fesler-Moss Camaros Limited Edition Wallpaper

2010 Chevrolet offers the latest adaptation of the artefact Fesler Moss 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Fesler Moss 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS in auction in the United States. Back in April, we told you about the new affiliation amid Chris Fesler's custom car boutique and Jon Moss, the above administrator of General Motors' specialty cartage division. At that time, we alone had renderings of the proposed Fesler-Moss Camaro, but these beginning photos of a brace of completed cars is affirmation that the duo has been adamantine at assignment back then.

The Fesler-Moss Camaro is currently accessible in two flavors. First up is the Competition Package, which commands a $50,000 amount tag in accession to a donor car, and it mainly focuses on a array of carbon cilia or batten anatomy components, but it additionally appearance achievement upgrades like a supercharger and six-piston brakes. For barter who appetite the ultimate Fesler-Moss Camaro, they can opt for the Bound Edition Package. This adds alike added carbon cilia items, color-matched covering basement surfaces, a custom complete system, and best of all, swaps out the LS3 for a supercharged LS9 V8. Just sixty will be congenital at a alarming amount tag of $150,000. Follow the jump for a abounding account of upgrades for anniversary package.

The apple has waited for upwards of three years, and now the 2010 Camaro is a reality. Combined awakening administration and avant-garde technology this car is abundant to redline the absorption of any accessory arch appropriate off the exhibit floor. Touted as a "heritage-inspired sports car for the 21st Century" the 2010 Camaro.

Anyone with a affection for aerial achievement automobiles, however, could apprehend that hardcore beef car enthusiasts would appetite alike more. Being such enthusiasts themselves, Jon Moss who is the above administrator of GM's specialty cartage analysis and Chris Fesler of Fesler Built, a aerial end hot rod architect and genitalia manufacturer, teamed up so that they could booty the 2010 Camaro to the abutting level.

Limited Edition Package! - $150,000

The ultimate Fesler-Moss alms is bound to 60 units per year and a charge for any austere collector. This one is loaded, they pulled out all the stops, but there are still two absolute appearance account advertence twice.... Anniversary Bound Edition Amalgamation will affection an alone consecutive cardinal from 1-60 and be alone active by both Chris Fesler and Jon Moss! On top of that, anniversary will accommodate adjustable braid over suspension, advanced and rear amplitude bars, 6-piston Fesler branded chase anchor upgrade, GM LS-9 supercharged engine, Fesler branded stainless animate bi-modal bankrupt system, color-matched agent block, 6-speed chiral transmission, billet, carbon cilia or atramentous about-face lights, stainless animate awning struts, stainless animate block struts, carbon cilia autogenous accents, blush akin covering seating, suede headliner, carbon cilia colonnade barometer kit, calefaction and complete barrier, a custom complete arrangement additional Fesler-Moss badging.

In accession to the above upgrades, the Bound Edition Amalgamation appearance a host of absolute appearance including 22-inch Fesler-Moss auto and tires, custom blush acrylic arrangement with corrective antagonism stripes, Corvette-style aperture handles, Fesler batten grille with awning headlights, Batten RS taillights, carbon cilia Fesler-Moss anatomy kit, 2-day training advance at the Bondurant School of Aerial Achievement Active and, as mentioned, anniversary agent will be appointed an alone consecutive numbered (1 - 60) and alone active by both Chris Fesler and Jon Moss!

Package amount after car, $110,000.

Competition Amalgamation - $90,000

Aptly named, the Competition Amalgamation provides all the performance, administration and appearance the hardcore beef car enthusiast could desire. Appearance accommodate 30-way adjustable braid over suspension; billet, carbon cilia or atramentous OE backup taillights; billet, carbon cilia or atramentous OE backup taillights; billet, carbon cilia or atramentous OE backup taillights; billet, carbon cilia or atramentous active ablaze bezels; billet, carbon cilia or atramentous about-face ablaze bezels; stainless animate awning struts; stainless animate block struts; carbon cilia grille; carbon cilia anatomy kit; corrective antagonism stripes; carbon cilia autogenous accents; carbon cilia barometer pod; calefaction and complete barrier; complete arrangement upgrade; upgraded, abysmal aeon battery; supercharger; aerial achievement air cleaner; 6-piston Fesler branded anchor upgrade; 22-inch Fesler branded auto and tires; car awning additional and alarm/remote alpha system.

Package amount after car, $50,000.

Competition Amalgamation Options

Carbon cilia cowl consecration hood; carbon cilia block lid; carbon cilia spoiler; custom paint; custom covering seating; sueded headliner; abbreviate bandy shifter; custom complete system; agent bandy (LS7 or LS9); dynotune, bankrupt system; acute Fesler branded, 6-piston anchor arrangement upgrade; amplitude bars; Bondurant active course.

2010 Fesler-Moss Camaros Limited Edition Specification:

---- Specifications ----


$110,000 without car

















1/4 mile


0-62 mph


Top Speed



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