Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 CC of Mio 125cc

Xeon name and has a 124.9 cc engine capacity.
Speculation is growing states Xeon none other than the Mio 125. first direct launched by MotoGP rider, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in Thailand some time ago.
When did it really Mio 125 as we have found, so obviously this bike will go hand in hand with Mio Sporty and Mio Soul to continue to dominate the market skutik Indonesia.
Physically the body Mio 125 looks a little heavier than the existing version now with a rounded front shape but melancip in the rear. If it is true Xeon aka Mio 125 will be provided by the resilient capacity of 125 cc engine that has been equipped with a radiator is reinforced a long-circulating rumors about the birth of the manufacturer berlambang skutik Anyar the tuning fork.

Motor Yamaha Xeon 125 CC of Mio 125cc
The news that blows even say that the Mio 125 will soon rise in the year 2010 the original face of this. Marketing Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Vincent Mulyono still reluctant to respond to this rumor.
"Obviously we are still planning the same product and if it is near the time of course I will tell, but for now, whoa yeah," he said. If Mio 125 actually generated Yamaha, this certainly gives a glimmer of certainty for Mio lovers in the homeland. For YMKI has said it will spend seven pamungkasnya model in 2010 and the Mio 125 was included in the new model.


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