New Bako E-TX MotorSport Urban Electric Sportsbike Reviews

E-TX MotorSport pictures
Paris - What can you imagine a form associated with motor sport in the future? Futuristic certainly has been a mandatory requirement. So also with the source
strength, which can no longer expect the fuel oil.

By answering all of that, designers from France, Bako, has designed an iron horse ride a sport that was baptized with the name E-TX.
Electricity Sport
Roadson Etronic 16 Generator
AC Outlet Charger
Peak Power 132.5 kw
Maximum speed of 240 km per hour

ET-X, in addition to futuristic power source actually generated from the electric charge on an AC outlet, with the support of the electric motor 16 Roadson Etronic

Electric motor is capable of producing plots Bako reached 132.5 kw power, so as to bring E-TX run up to the maximum speed of 240 km per
hours. When in 2010 this Motorcycle have the next generation motor sport.

And lastly, please see the design. Compact, full of sharp angles that aerodynamically, also design the front fork and swingarm rear wheels that are not conventional. Obviously, the E-TX also does not require exhaust!


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