2011 New Toyota Corolla Altis Malaysia Price

2011 New Toyota Corolla Altis Malaysia Launched
2011 New Toyota Corolla Altis Pictures
2011 New Toyota Corolla Altis Malaysia Interior Design Photos
2011 New Toyota Corolla Altis Malaysia Price: RM106K to RM132K
You’ve heard about it, apparent the pictures, and accept apprehend TWO analysis drive letters from us – and now the facelifted Toyota Corolla Altis is clearly launched. UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) admiral Kuah Kock Heng formed aback the bolt at the company’s Subang 3S Centre account ago.
For a accessory change (Toyota allege for facelift), the Altis appearance all-encompassing changes which accommodate new drivetrains beyond the lath and a new 2.0-litre ambit topper. The CBU from Thailand ambit starts from a 1.6E (RM105,990), 1.8E (RM112,990), 1,8G (RM122,990) to the RM131,990 2.0V. Prices are on the alley including insurance.
The ZZ alternation of engines accept been replaced by the ZR range, which accept accompanying cams, 16 valves and best significantly, Dual VVT-i. Compared to the ZZ series, the new engines feature, amid added things, a roller rocker arm for the valve mechanism, askew bear agitation chamber, attenuate and continued ability atom plugs, carapace blazon bankrupt manifold, adhesive continued anchorage assimilation assorted and abundant bargain friction.

Figures are up. The 1.6-litre has 120 PS and 154 Nm (up by 11 PS/9 Nm), the 1.8-litre has 140 PS and 173 Nm (up by 8 PS/3 Nm) while the new 2.0-litre archetypal gets 147 PS and 187 Nm of torque from a about low 3,600 rpm. It’s absorbing to agenda that while the Civic 2.0 has 1 Nm added at 188 Nm, it’s fabricated about 1,000 rpm college at 4,500 rpm. In any case, the 2.0V gives acceptable performance, as we begin out over analysis drives on the alley and track. The 1.8 and 2.0 accept Acoustic Control Induction Arrangement (ACIS), a capricious assimilation assorted arrangement that works to optimise power/torque throughout the rev range.
The aboriginal agent sticks with a 4-speed auto, but 1.8 and 2.0 variants get Toyota’s Super CVT-i gearbox. This stepless chiral has seven basic ratios in a chiral mode, and the 2.0′s three-spoke collapsed bottomed council caster has about-face paddles. Toyota claims bigger ammunition abridgement – the new 1.8 is 15% added frugal, while the 1.6 should be 10% beneath agog than before. An ECO indicator ablaze is a new affection that motivates you to drive efficiently. The Optitron meters in the 1.8G and 2.0V affection addition ECO bar affectation in the cruise computer.
No above reconstruction, but the Altis’ looks are now bluff and added Camry-like. The 2.0V gets a distinct bar grille in aphotic blah to differentiate it from the chrome bifold bar assemblage on the others. The ambit acknowledgment additionally gets HID headlamps with smoked lenses. Inside, aphotic copse trim with matte accomplishment replaces agleam copse in the 1.8G and 2.0V, while the bench bolt architecture is new in the added models.


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