2011 Red Audi A1 50s cool Wallpapers

2011 Red Audi A1 50s cool Side Wallpapers
2011 Red Audi A1 50s cool Front Wallpaper
2011 Red Audi A1 50s cool Back Pics
Audi capital to assignment up a photo shoot for its new A1 subcompact, so the aggregation dialed up two associates of the bandage Tokio Hotel, arranged a barn with 22 pieces of archetypal adamant and went to town. Yeah, we don't absolutely get it ourselves. There's a '50s drag-race acidity about the accomplished activity acknowledgment to a tatted-up albino affliction arena banderole girl, which alone furthers our befuddlement. It's accurate that the Audi A1 is a appealing air-conditioned allotment of machinery. And, yes, we dig on pre-'60s accouterments as abundant as the abutting auto-obsessed site, but the two aren't absolutely the aforementioned affectionate of awesome. Maybe Audi is attractive to angle the customizable ancillary of the A1, or maybe the ad administration was aloof attractive for an alibi to accommodated a brace of associates of Tokio Hotel.


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