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2011 New Suzuki Swift unveiled
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2011 New Suzuki Swift unveiled
This is the all new 2011 Suzuki Swift and as you can see a believer would be adamantine apprenticed to acquisition the aberration amid the old and the new car based on a glance at a photo alone.

There’s no agnosticism that the Swift this new archetypal replaces looks acceptable and it looks like Suzuki has taken a blade out of BMW MINI’s book actuality – this new Swift looks like a attenuate change of the old one aloof like now the new additional bearing BMW MINI still looks actual abundant like the bearing it replaces.

Under the bark though, wheelbase has developed by as abundant as 50mm longer, bringing the wheelbase of the new Swift up to 2,430mm. This comes calm with an access of all-embracing breadth by 90mm. The anatomy is now 5mm added and 10mm taller. Front and rear clue has additionally been added by 10mm and 15mm respectively.

So yes, this is a beyond car and not alone a change of the old Swift.

The new Swift will be accessible with a 1.2 liter Dual VVT petrol agent with capricious valve timing on both the assimilation and exhaust, bearing an absorbing 94 application and 118Nm of torque, of which aiguille torque bliss in at 4,800rpm.

This petrol agent will be accompanied by a agent with 1.3 liters of displacement, admitting no capacity on the oil burner accept been appear yet.

Only two exoteric photos accept been appear so far but we accept article nice for you. Theophilus Chin has aerated up this quick chop of what a 3-door Suzuki Swift Sport could attending like, based on these two photos that Suzuki accept released. A 3-door anatomy for this new Swift has been accepted and both the 3-door and 5-door will be launched in the UK in Autumn this year.

We’re still cat-and-mouse for Suzuki to appear added photos of the car, as the aboriginal two photos you see in this column are the alone they’ve appear so far. You can additionally apprehend a new Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire to spawn from this new Swift. The Swift Dzire is a absolutely awe-inspiring attractive auto adaptation of the Swift for the Indian market.


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