Europe Cars- Lancia Delta HF Integrale of carry rebadged Chrysler

Lanci HF Integrale Photo

This is the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, which was aloof afresh appear as the “greatest hot bear of all time” according to a vote alternate by over 3,500 Autocar UK readers. The Delta HF Integrale garnered 14.3% of votes, about bifold that of its abutting challenger, the Peugeot 205 GTi, followed by the aboriginal Ford Focus RS with 7.7% of the votes.

It’s sad that in today’s times neither Peugeot or Lancia are accepted for their hot hatches anymore. In actuality Lancia has been bargain to a cast that sells what’s basically Fiats with sometimes hardly best wheelbases and hardly bigger trim.

And the latest account is that the Lancia cast will basically be acclimated to advertise rebadged Chryslers in Europe, with the Chrysler cast actuality clearly pulled out of the continent, except for UK and Ireland area Lancia has not been awash back 1991, so the Chrysler brand will abide in those two countries. It’s activity to be a aberrant bearings agnate to that of Vauxhall and Opel area a set of cars will be awash as Opels all about Europe except for UK area they’re awash as Vauxhalls.

Chrysler cars that will get a new Lancia brand anon accommodate the abutting bearing PT Cruiser and Sebring replacements, the accepted bearing Chrysler 300C and an adapted Chrysler Voyager, which is awash in the US as the Chrysler Town & Country at 2011?


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