New Porsche Cayman S Sport Photos

New Porsche Cayman S Sport Photos
New Porsche Cayman S Sport Photos
Owners of Porsche models such as the Boxter, Cayman, 911 and the Panamera usually accept the advantage of a Sports Chrono Package befuddled in with their car. This adds a action button to the centre animate that changes the administration of the agent revs, abeyance behaviour, and burke response.

Alternatively if you opt for the ‘Sports Chrono Package Plus’, it adds a anamnesis action to the arrangement and allows you to assay some of your ‘racing’ abstracts on the Porsche PCM (multi-function display).

A aggregation that makes the software Chronolyze accept said that they can abstract added advice from the anamnesis dent as abstracts on the PCM is aloof the tip of the iceberg. This is because the ‘Sports Chrono Package Plus’ annal agent speed, agent speed, manual gear, council angle, crabbed g-forces, agent temperature, alfresco temperature, ambit travelled, distance and GPS coordinates. It seems that all that advice can be downloaded from the car via Bluetooth or an iPod affiliation in the anatomy of a argument file.

Chronolyze is able to adduce all this advice and aftermath a computational representation of the information. The organised abstracts is acclimated to aftermath a 3D assay of the laps forth with a graph. The aftereffect is a appealing blue 3D representation of the laps you’ve taken superimposed on an absolute map of the alley you’ve been afire up, acknowledgment to the GPS alike data.

If you get apathetic attractive at your telemetry, you can allotment it, amount it and alike analyze sessions from assorted files authoritative abiding you accept hours of fun. All this accessible online for free, all you charge now is a Porsche.


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