HKS Supercharger is reportedly driving Honda CR-Z power up

HKS Supercharger Fotos

When we aboriginal laid eyes on the specs for the Honda CR-Z, you could say we were beneath than enthused. We'd been acquisitive for added balance than 122 application and 128 pound-feet of torque while at the aforementioned time assured bigger ability than the CR-Z's 36 city, 39 artery afar per gallon. Those disappointments didn't change abundant afterwards we collection the CR-Z, as appropriate active dynamics were compromised by a cogent abridgement of punch.

That could change afterwards HKS Ability finishes alive on what sounds like a actual candied supercharger. As of this moment, the supercharger is reportedly active CR-Z ability up to a added admirable 170 ponies, admitting we wouldn't be afraid if the tuners will be able to abuse the blower to beat 200 horses. Hit the jump to watch a 16-second brain-teaser video of a absolute CR-Z on the dyno. The adorning agent hits 169 friction-free afar per hour while aural like a Formula One car.


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