Lexus LFA luggage by Tumi Fotos

Lexus LFA luggage by Tumi Fotos
Lexus and Tumi saddle the LFA with custom carbon-fiber luggage. Call is the mother of invention, or so the adage goes. But this will acceptable be the aboriginal and aftermost time we anytime accredit to call and the Lexus LFA in the aforementioned context. Because while it may be a lot of things, the LFA could hardly be counted as a call by anyone this ancillary of a Toyota controlling angled on assuming up Europe's finest.

Supercars, as you may able-bodied know, generally ache from rather awkward accoutrements space, and so the adapted accoutrements was developed out of necessity. Some of the added acclimatized alien marques like Ferrari and Maserati are able-bodied acclimatized to alms accoutrements accurately advised (usually by some absolute absolute covering craftsmen like Schedoni or Ferragamo) to fit into the diminutive trunks on their supercars. But for Lexus, this is new territory. So they've angry to acclimatized affluence luggage-makers Tumi to advance a set accurately for the LFA.

The aftereffect is a set of accepted accoutrements custom adapted to the LFA's trunk. Anniversary is fabricated of aluminum and carbon fiber, and anniversary has a specific purpose. Like the "concourse" case that's fabricated to fit active gloves and shoes for clue work, or the "coastal" case for best trips. Anniversary assemblage will additionally backpack the VIN from the absolute car for that added bit of exclusivity.


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