Honda Civic VIP Style Tuning Informa

New Honda Civic VIP Style Tuning Informa Fotos

Making a car attending like article abroad is something. Making it attending like TWO added cars is absolutely rare. This Thai Honda Civic spotted at a PTT petrol base mimics the Lexus IS at the rear but takes on a Toyota Crown Athlete persona from the front. This aberration is absolutely absolutely convincing, and there aren’t abounding hints of the car’s roots if you don’t see it in profile, area the Civic’s arced roof betrays it.

The buyer is acutely a big fan of VIP-style tuning, with Junction Produce badges (in gold, no less!) adorning his Lexus rear, big agleam auto and airtight suspension. Perhaps the afterimage of this “challenge” ability affect some to cut and adhesive some freaks in our own backyard!


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