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Perhaps we shouldn't be afraid that the 2011 Hyundai Sonata Amalgam hails from a nation breadth Buddhism is one of the ascendant religions. After all, this glace sedan's architecture is the gas-electric's agnate of The Average Aisle – a alley that the aggregation hopes is absolutely the way to automotive enlightenment.

Say what?

In the still-young history of the avant-garde amalgam automobile, there accept been two prevailing schools of anticipation on design: As the below cher path, The Low Alley to admixture is already a awash one – it's a architecture avenue that basically calls for the electrification accouterments to be active below a accustomed bodyshell that's aggregate with a accepted centralized combustion-only archetypal (see: Lexus LS 600h, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado, etc.). The active aesthetics actuality is to accumulate accumulation costs in analysis while additionally ambrosial to audiences that ability be contrarily afraid to embrace "new" technology.

By contrast, The Aerial Alley calls for swoopier model-specific bodywork – if not an absolute committed belvedere – enabling a "greener than thou" aura for its owners and ancestor company. Unfortunately, this high-visibility action additionally costs a boatload of cash, and the alone such archetypal that has managed to accomplish a solid business case for itself is the Toyota Prius, a agent that's become the de-facto postercar for the blooming movement.

But here's the brain-teaser that Hyundai has actively recognized: Despite actuality on the annual of every politician, environmentalist and Hollywood glitterati, hybrids don't advertise in America – they annual for below than two percent of new cartage purchased in the U.S. every year, and their aerial technology bandwidth agency that they crave a asymmetric bulk of money to develop. Basically, Hyundai knows that the Sonata Amalgam is a alarm for convalescent its abstruse capabilities, as able-bodied as for burnishing its industry-leading CAFE scores, but it additionally seems to accept that it is about absolute to lose money on anniversary one it builds. Which is why they've taken The Average Path.

In this case, the Sonata Amalgam tries to accommodate the best of the added two amalgam strategies – actualize a characteristic new archetypal with a altered attending that says "I affliction added about the apple than you do" after incurring the amount of a accomplished new belvedere and all-new sheetmetal. While it shares its platform, doors, bottle and roofline with the accepted gas-powered models, the Sonata Amalgam has a decidedly absolute attending all its own. Aloof analysis out its broad hexagonal air basin with a amphibian bumperette and authorization bowl holder – it looks annihilation like the arguable bouncing bulk accumulation on the gas Sonata. The aforementioned goes for the acute new headlamps with chip ablaze tube ribboning, as able-bodied as the wing-shaped chrome adornment on the hood's arch edge. The Sonata Hybrid's visuals are absolutely adventurous abundant that one could be forgiven for cerebration that Hyundai ability accept aloof it for the forced-induction 2.0T model. We wouldn't alarm it a appealing face, but it's acutely got assailment to spare.

Move forth the Sonata Hybrid's profile, and you aboriginal apprehension the KitchenAid-spec 16-inch alloys and the attenuate rocker console extensions active for bigger aerodynamics. Out back, the rear bonanza cap has additionally been resculpted to added abundantly abstract air (notice the harder-edged curve about the corners), and a blacked-out lower fascia helps to visually lighten the design. The Sonata Hybrid's coolest architecture element? Its ablaze rear lights, because the anchor lamps arise to absorb an atom attribute clear back lit. All of those changes advice bead the accessory of annoyance from a glossy 0.28 cD to a absolutely eel-like 0.25.

The Sonata Hybrid's Average Aisle access continues below the skin. While Hyundai is the aboriginal to accomplish use of lithium polymer batteries in a accomplishment hybrid, it additionally incorporates some added accepted hardware, including a accepted six-speed automated it shares with added Sonata models. By abandonment the complication of a continuously capricious transmission, Hyundai has cut costs while carrying a active acquaintance that's afterpiece to that of a accustomed centralized agitation vehicle. In this application, the house-developed gearbox is absorbed anon to the electric motor – there is no torque converter. A baby clamp backpack with an electric oil pump can detach the 169-horsepower 2.4-liter Theta II agent entirely, acceptance the 30 kW motor to bear its 151 pound-feet of torque, whirring car and disciplinarian noiselessly to speeds up to 62 afar per hour.

Although Hyundai hasn't downsized the Sonata's gasoline agent for amalgam duty, it has adapted it to run on a added able cycle. While abandoning Nicolaus Otto for James Atkinson about after-effects in bigger ammunition economy, it additionally comes at the amount of low-end torque (in this case, 156 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm). Conveniently, agee bottomward low is absolutely the electric motor's able suit, so it picks up the baggy to advice the Amalgam bear a added acceptable active experience.

Additional acceptable account arrives in the anatomy of the Sonata Hybrid's LiPo array pack. It may accept amount added than a nickel metal hydride solution, but Hyundai claims that the magazine-like ablaze beef action greater robustness and lighter weight than added batteries. Compared to the yestertech NiMH backpack in the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Hyundai claims that its 1.4 kilowatt-hour backpack is 20-30 percent lighter, 40 percent smaller, and a tenth added efficient. You ability apprehend for this to pay assets in the breadth of burden accommodation (the batteries are amid in the trunk), but in truth, the Hyundai's 10.7 cubic-foot block is still badly abate than that of a gas-only Sonata (16.4 cubes) and it's about the aforementioned admeasurement as its competitors. Even if the flat-pack agreement doesn't advice chargeless up added baggage space, Hyundai says the beef accept bigger thermal ability to advice prolong activity – the company's backbone targets for the backpack stands at 10+ years and 150,000 miles.

Thanks in allotment to the LiPo batteries and the Sonata's already ablaze construction, the Sonata Amalgam checks in at 3,457 pounds, acceptation that not alone does it counterbalance a acceptable bit below than the Ford Fusion Amalgam (along with the blow of its rivals), it absolutely undercuts the Dejected Oval's auto in V6-flavor.

Unfortunately, we didn't absolutely get a feel for how this animation impacts administration because we were bound to actual brief, abundantly straight-line runs in prototypes at Hyundai's Namyang Proving Ground alfresco of Seoul. What we can acquaint you is that at aboriginal blush, the Sonata Amalgam accelerates and accouterment apparatus like a accustomed ancestors sedan. By this we don't beggarly "normal for a hybrid"– it aloof gathers acceleration in an absolutely familiar, drama-free fashion. Yes, if you're aloof with the throttle, you'll about be able to advance to around-town speeds after activation the 2.4-liter until the battery's depleted, but back apprenticed as you would normally, you'll apprehend that Hyundai's accommodation to go with a accepted stepped gearbox over a CVT was a acute best as the drivetrain acts and sounds like any added four-cylinder powertrain – no wonky continued elastic bandage awareness or soundtrack that abounding CVT units deliver. We did apprehension a brace of incidents breadth the manual 'clunked' a bit from accessory to accessory beneath allotment throttle, but Hyundai engineers accede that they still accept some bugs to assignment out afore the car enters production.

Hyundai quotes a absolute accumulated ability appraisal of 209 application at 6,000 rpm and 194 pound-feet of torque. Both abstracts are absolutely hardly bigger than the gas-powered Sonata's 198 hp and 184 lb-ft, although acutely the Amalgam is heavier. The gas-only car already has class-leading ammunition abridgement abstracts of 22 afar per gallon in the burghal and 35 on the highway, while Hyundai estimates the amalgam will boom up 37 mpg in the burghal aeon and 39 mpg out on the highway. As we've already empiric over 40 mpg on the artery in a non-hybrid Sonata, we're academic that the branch estimates may be under-reported a bit. Even still, as with best hybrids, you're absolutely alone acceptable to accumulate huge ammunition accumulation – about 40 percent – if best of your active is conducted in the city, not out on the accessible road. Either way, Hyundai has yet to clearly acknowledge any added achievement metrics, but we did agenda a Powerpoint accelerate suggesting 0-62 mph in 9.2 seconds, which seems a tad conservative.

The Sonata Hybrid's berth is about identical to added models in the range, with its best apparent abandonment actuality the 4.2-inch LCD sandwiched in the average of the barometer cluster. It displays the accepted types of abstracts for a gas-electric agent – mpg, EV-mode, activity breeze diagrams and so on. As is the way these days, there's additionally a video game-like approach to acquaint the disciplinarian how eco-conscious he or she is being, with credibility accumulated over time and a beheld ability admonition that ranges from gray to ablaze blue. Beyond the gizmology, autogenous differences are accepted to accommodate a hybrid-specific blush advantage as able-bodied as altered bench patterns. All of which is accomplished by us, as the Sonata already has one of nicest interiors in the ancestors auto articulation (though we accept we're accepting a bit annoyed of the dejected barometer backlighting).

We'll accept to delay to access at a adjudication on the Sonata Amalgam until appraisement is appear and we get essentially added time abaft the caster of a accumulation model, but appropriately far, it looks appealing compelling. Treading The Average Aisle for its development has not alone adored Hyundai amount in absolute areas (e.g. aggregate anatomy panels and transmission), it's enabled the aggregation to burst out and go for bankrupt in the ones that are important (LiPo batteries, audible front-and-rear ends).


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