Next Generations of Mercedes-Benz is nine-speed automatic transmission

Next Generations of Mercedes-Benz is nine-speed automatic transmission Pictures
Next Generations of Mercedes-Benz
According to Autocar, an acceptance by a Mercedes-Benz architect proves that the aggregation is alive on a nine-speed automated transmission. That isn't absolutely new, back allocution of such a barbarian has been broached before. The aberration this time is that Autocar's sources says the gearbox will be "introduced on large-capacity engines."

With no numbers for ambience we can't be abiding what's meant by "large-capacity." However, Motor Trend appear that the babyish SLS would get a nine-speed double-clutch manual for it's twin-turbo-V6-hybrid engine, and Automobile said that all of the abutting bearing S-Classes, accession in 2012, would "have amalgam powertrains and a new nine-speed automated transmission."

We don't apprehend any of those engines to be of decidedly ample displacement, abnormally now that the SSK AMG appears to accept gone from a twin-turbo V8 to a V6 accompanying turbo with electric assistance. Still, we accept no agnosticism we'll see a nine-speed manual somewhere. And back the Mercedes engineers admonish that "nine ratios is the best that is technically possible, as able-bodied as actuality the best that barter will be able to cope with," we accept they're wrong. A aggregation is absolutely activity to leave double-digit manual aloof rights on the table?


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