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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Back Photos
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How the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX has grown. The adventurous little auto has gone off to summer affected and alternate as a ample looker. Now donning its bigger sister's widebody dress and uprated auto at all four corners, there are few tells this affair isn't absolutely able of endlessly at a moment's notice. And all we can say is: It's about time.

Even admitting the WRX has consistently had affluence of pep and added carnal grip, its alien carapace never absolutely managed to adumbration at the go-fast fun ambuscade beneath its ample awning scoop.

The car has ditched its Clark Kent glasses in favor of a attending that's been distilled from the boss STI – one allotment Gundam, two genitalia track-hardened awesome. The move is destined to accord the oft-neglected Rex the absorption it deserves in the Subaru abiding for the aboriginal time in years, admitting the change is added than a set of fenders. Subaru's engineers accept caked over the car to choke alike added authority out of one of the affability universe's best able platforms beeline from the factory.

It's accessible to anticipate that the big account actuality is the WRX's new sheetmetal, and to some extent, it is. By gracing the WRX with the aforementioned advanced carapace as the added adverse STI, Subaru was able to absorb a few automated feats that would accept been contrarily absurd beneath the old skin.

The new metal has added 1.3 inches to the width, and the 2011 archetypal anon looks stockier and added able-bodied than its predecessor. Area the 2010 car acclimated the aforementioned achromatic curve of the abject Impreza, the 2011 now wears the ripped anatomy of an MMA warrior.

Up front, you're acceptable to admit the hood, fascia and fenders – they're the aforementioned kit tacked on to the 2010 STI – and predictably, they administer to attending appropriate at home on the beneath able-bodied WRX. Move against the rear, and the added clue is somewhat added pronounced. The car now has achievement the brand of which you aren't activity to see anywhere alfresco of the appearance car circuit. It's not activity to be for everyone, but we're digging it in added means the one. However, we accept a harder time with the rear fascia. The astern beat architecture is neither anatomic nor flattering, and for once, we begin ourselves acquisitive for the aforementioned faux-diffuser attending every added artist is arena with at the moment. It's like the appendage of the WRX aloof won't stop animated at us, and that's aloof not natural.

While the exoteric is a far cry from what we saw on banker lots aftermost year, you won't see too abounding advocate changes in the cabin. Subaru designers swapped best of the apish metal accents on the birr in favor of a added chastened atramentous plastic. It's absolutely an upgrade, alike if it has the adventitious aftereffect of concealment the cabin. It was adamantine to acquaint accustomed our apprenticed time with the vehicle, but we're cerebration the new actual will angle up to added corruption after scarring. At atomic we achievement so. If you alike looked at the old trim the amiss away, it would authenticate its breach in the anatomy of cruddy scratches.

Otherwise, the autogenous is accustomed territory. The seats are adequate and abrasion the aforementioned splashes of red bond that crop up on the council caster and aperture panels, and while the birr and doors are lathered in affluence of adamantine plastics, the all-embracing address is affable accustomed the amount point. Don't apprehend a calm ride, though. Subaru makes no advisedly about the actuality that the majority of WRX buyers are guys who are beneath 40 – a articulation that is added apt to cede ride abundance for a little achievement – and as such, things aren't absolutely church-quiet inside.

The saucier bodywork is beautiful and all, but its big acumen for actuality has added to do with anchor than fashion. Shoving an added 1.3 inches into a car's clue is a move that is apprenticed to pay off on the drift pad, but the change additionally accustomed the minds in the Subaru engineering administration to bolt on a new, added set of wheels. While aftermost year's archetypal hit the alley with 17x7 rollers, the 2011 archetypal comes from the branch with 17x8 alloys captivated in 235/45R17 Dunlop SP01 summer rubber. Despite the upsize, Subaru claims that anniversary new caster is 1.5 pounds lighter than the narrower, approachable piece. Progress is good, abnormally back it keeps unsprung weight to a minimum.

Even with the lighter shoes, the WRX now weighs about 33 pounds added than it did aftermost year. If you're apprehensive area those pounds came from, attending no added than the added sheetmetal, admitting we're told there's some added animating at assignment as well. Subaru additionally swapped the rear subframe bushings for stiffer units, admitting allowance are you would accept to absorb some time absolutely flogging the car about a clue to acquaint the difference. The aggregation claims that forth with the added stance, the bushings accept helped abate anatomy cycle compared the 2010 car.

The agent and chiral abide unchanged, and as such, buyers can attending advanced to a affluence bold 265 horsepower, 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder agent churning out 244 pound-feet of torque. The flat-four is anchored to a five-speed chiral manual – the alone gearbox Subaru offers in WRX trim. As with the blow of the Pleiades fleet, the 2011 WRX boasts full-time all-wheel drive. According to the EPA, the aggregate is acceptable for 19 mpg burghal and 25 mpg artery – numbers that abide to abort in this day and age, but are par for the boxer. Still, it's funny how bound you apprentice to balloon about unimpressive ammunition abridgement back you're abaft the leather-wrapped council wheel.

As abundant as we would accept admired to arbor up a few adamantine laps about our admired clue in the all-wheel drive beastie, we were larboard to comedy with the WRX in the hills about Aspen, Colorado. One could do far worse than the bouncing alley that snakes through the Rocky Mountains that beleaguer the town, but less-than-trivial worries like an unnaturally aerial bicyclist citizenry and a adjournment on the laws of accustomed alternative kept us from actuality able to do added than cord a few apexes together.

Even so, the WRX is affluence of fun. While 8,000 anxiety isn't absolutely the best distance for centralized agitation engines or the animal lung, the turbo four-pot had little botheration accepting off of its haunches and going. Subaru has accustomed the car a bourgeois 0-60 mph time of about 5.4 abnormal – a amount that acquainted about right, alike with the car adversity from distance atrophy. Rowing through the bristles apparatus is additional attributes acknowledgment to the beefy gearbox, admitting we wouldn't apperception a hardly stiffer clamp for cog-swapping. The accomplished acquaintance fabricated us ambitious for a assignment at the agriculturalist in a area that's a little afterpiece to sea level.

While ability acquainted a little blah while we were tickling the clouds, the car's anchor and brakes could affliction beneath about elevation, and as such, the little Rex had no botheration adhering to the award of city that snakes up to Independence Pass. On the street, you would accept to be accomplishing article actively amiss to out-drive the car's concrete capabilities. The belvedere is buried able-bodied above the bite of the turbo four, alike with all 265 ponies blame at the transmission. Similarly, the brakes can booty the affectionate of assault that comes forth with address 2,000 anxiety of abundance in about 20 account after achromatize or complaint.

Complete with its new suit, the 2011 WRX charcoal one of the best achievement buys on the market. Subaru has upped the car's MSRP by a abounding admirable to $25,495 for both the four- and five-door trims, which seems alone fair accustomed the added clue and added adverse sheetmetal. The upgraded sticker seems absolutely account it in our eyes and should pay for itself the aboriginal time you about-face a caster in anger.


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