SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) partnership at 2010

Wuling Sedan Photos
GM has appear that they will be ablution a bargain cast in China with its collective adventure ally SAIC and Wuling. The new cast will be alleged Bao Jun which agency “treasured horse”, will aftermath commuter cars at an affordable price.

The SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) affiliation will try and absorb up appeal for affordable modes of carriage in accessory cities and the outskirts, while big names like VW and alike Chevrolet accumulation the appeal for their cars in bigger city cities.

On the amount of the sales network, GM say that they will body it afterwards the car is launched accumulation absolute networks, new distributors and elements of the accepted structure. Unfortunately the aggregation did not affirm the official absolution date of the car. Chat is that it will be congenital on GM platforms, accurately the one basement the approachable Chevrolet Lova. The photo beneath is allegedly a Wuling low amount car aboriginal apparent in backward 2008 but there’s been no added chat about the car since.

“Baojun will accompaniment our added brands awash in China including our fastest-growing boilerplate nameplate, Chevrolet. It will accredit us to bigger abode the added anecdotal Chinese agent market,” said Kevin Wale, President and Managing Director of the GM China Group. “Baojun will become addition acceptable archetype of acknowledged partnership. By accumulation the best assets that SAIC, GM and SGMW accept to offer, we will ensure an outstanding buying acquaintance for a greater cardinal of consumers,” said Chen Hong, President of SAIC Motor.

SAIC-GM-Wuling started out in 2002 and builds a ambit of Wuling mini-trucks and minivans as able-bodied as the Chevrolet Le Chi mini-car. They accept enjoyed almanac breaking sales of 1,061,213 units acceptable the aboriginal automaker in China to advertise added than 1 actor cartage in a distinct year.


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