2010 New bikes in USA - 2010 Honda Fury Review

2010 New bikes in USA - 2010 Honda Fury motorcycles
2010 Honda Fury
2010 Honda Fury pictures
2010 New bikes in USA

the chopper you would anatomy for yourself--if you had a branch instead of a garage.” This is Honda’s tag band for the all-new adventure from the Big Red Wing – the 2010 Honda Fury.

The abstraction was to accord the Japanese motorcycle cast some attitude, but in accurate Honda fashion, absolute benumbed acquaintance was top priority. Don’t apprehend to see annihilation too radical, no 350-series rear annoy or eight-foot rake here. But afresh again, it’s not too far off. And because how bourgeois Honda usually is, the Fury cruiser abiding is absolutely the abandonment from the norm.

“Full-on chopper styling,” according to Honda, outlines and defines the new machine, which some will say is accepted because the abstract chopper apple into which it is born. But don’t forget, the Fury is a Honda. Featuring the longest wheelbase anytime apparent on a assembly Honda apparatus at 71.24 inches, this is the aftereffect of a rake and aisle of 38.0-degrees and 3.5 inches, respectively. Suspension comes in the anatomy of a 45mm accepted advanced angle with 4.0 inches of travel, while out aback sits a single, adjustable shock with 3.7 inches of travel. This equates to a actual low and easy-for-all bench acme of 26.7 inches and a actual ample benumbed position. While we haven’t had a adventitious to aberration the burke (stay acquainted for a February ride), sitting on the bike accepted a actual adequate benumbed position for best all shapes and sizes.

Sitting amid the anatomy spars is a 52-degree V-Twin agent that comes in at a baby 1312cc via 89.5mm x 103.3mm bore and stroke. Compression arrangement sits at an additionally actual bourgeois 9.2:1, featuring a distinct aerial cam per cylinder, which opens and closes three valves. Ammunition is fed via 38mm burke anatomy and PGM ammunition injection, while the tranny is a 5-speed.


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