Autos parts:Volkswagen reinvents the teh tarik hook Reviews

The funny-looking little accoutrement you see aloft is alleged the “Snakey” and it is awash by the Volkswagen Accessories division. Volkswagen says the Snakey will advice accumulate your car organized so you won’t accept to abandon your covering or bag on the seats or article like that.

All you accept to do is abolish your beanbag and accelerate Snakey assimilate the beanbag struts. Then refit your headrest. Snakey is fabricated of abundant and airy actual and is acceptable for up to 2kg of weight. No worries – if Volkswagen anytime takes over Proton, you won’t accept to admiration if approaching Proton models will abide advancing with teh tarik hooks!

The abstraction for this artefact was built-in out of the architecture appointment that Volkswagen Accessories consistently organises in accord with the architecture adroitness of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.Young architecture acceptance get a adventitious to authenticate their creativity, to get cerebration about automotive-specific capacity and problems and to transform these thoughts and accessible solutions into accurate artefact ideas.


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