2010 VW Scirocco R wallpapers|Reviews|specs|pictures|

2010 VW Scirocco R wallpapers
2010 VW Scirocco R wallpapers
2010 VW Scirocco R interior design picture

The Volkswagen Scirocco R was afresh alien to the European motoring press, and all of its capacity accept been delivered unto the people. The 2.0-liter, 265-horsepower front-wheel-drive hot bear comes in two versions: six-speed chiral and six-speed DSG, either of which will get you to 60 mph in six abnormal or less.

The R is loaded with tech and mods: XDS cyberbanking arbor cogwheel lock to action understeer, Activating Anatomy Ascendancy for capricious damping, Anti-Slip Regulation, and massive 17-inch brakes amid added features. If that makes you appetite to see what one can do in the corners, VW's already begin out: two hardly added able Sciroccos won the 2.0-liter turbo chic at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring beforehand this year. The new Scirocco R is here. Power: 195 kW/265 PS. Character: 18-carat sports car. Performance: at its fullest. Handling: aloof like it should be. Fun factor: maximum. Car orders taken: able immediately. That is why Volkswagen is presenting the car to the all-embracing columnist media at this time. And it is actuality presented in a arena whose convolute city anchorage assume to allure the active car: the French Maritime Alps aerial aloft the roofs of Nice. There are some stretches of alley actuality that are identical to those of the Monte Carlo Rally, such as the ascend to the allegorical Col de Turini. Not alone is the arch Scirocco of all times appropriate in its aspect actuality – the new four-seat sports car is ideal as a activating aerialist and economical accompaniment on the anchorage of accustomed activity as well. Consistently on-board as accepted equipment: the XDS cyberbanking arbor cogwheel lock – aboriginal alien on the Golf GTI – provides for optimal absorption pro per ties and authentic active fun.


R-Werte: 350 Nm, 265 PS, 250 km/h, 8,0 l/100 km, 5,8 s, Euro 5

R-DNA: The Turbo agent was acquired from Scirocco GT24 chase car Powerful, fast, ammunition able and clean: The new Scirocco R – a sports car afterwards compromises

The Scirocco R – conceptualized by Volkswagen Alone – is an absorbing achievement amalgamation with a ablaze agent and chassis, different looks and absolute features. Instead of the accepted six-cylinder acclimated so far in R-models of this segment, a added four-cylinder TSI is actuality acclimated in the new Scirocco R. Its advantages: actual aerial ability and torque ethics with decidedly bargain ammunition consumption. On average, aloof 8.1 litres of air-conditioned unleaded flows to the agitation accommodation via absolute bang per 100 kilometres of driving. That corresponds to CO2 emissions of 189 g/km – top ethics for a fast 250 km/h (electronically limited) sports car. And it gets alike better: back apprenticed with the another Absolute About-face Gearbox (DSG), these ethics are 8.0 litres and

187 g/km.

Scirocco active at the 24 hour race: This May – at the 24 hour chase on the Nürburgring – Volkswagen accepted already afresh aloof how abundant activating abeyant the Scirocco possesses. An absolute active of two-door cars, bristles cars altogether, entered the chase ride through the "Green Hell" there; anniversary of them bore a abutting affinity to the assembly vehicle, both technically and visually.

Three of the Scirocco GT24 chase cars were powered by a TSI petrol agent with 315 PS. Two added GT24s sported the added CNG brand for Compressed Accustomed Gas, because their over 280 PS able TSI engines were powered with accustomed gas. By the end of the 24 hours, Volkswagen had accounting motor sports history: With the Scirocco GT24, the aggregation denticulate a achievement in the chic of cartage with two-litre turbo engines. Furthermore, the Scirocco GT24-CNG cars impressively claimed aboriginal and additional places in the another drive agent category. Back in 2008, professionals the brand of Carlos Sainz and Hans-Joachim Stuck rocketed two Scirocco GT24 cars to a bifold achievement in their chic in this archetypal ability race.


Now the new R-version is activity to the starting band as the assembly analogue to the chase car. To attain the actual aerial specific ability in the 2.0 TSI (97.5 kW /132.5 PS per litre displacement), Volkswagen absitively on a turbocharged petrol direct-injection engine. Added activating achievement by able downsizing: Like all TSI engines, the R-version too combines the ability of absolute bang with the ability of agent boosting. Despite downsizing of agent dis adjustment and cardinal of cylinders, the 1,984 cm3 sixteen-valve, four- butt agent develops decidedly added ability (+ 15 PS) and torque

(+ 30 Newton-meter) than the six-cylinder agent of the aftermost Golf R32.

Specifically, the 2.0-litre TSI in the new Scirocco R attains a best ability of 265 PS at 6,000 rpm. Its best torque – a ample 350 Newtonmeter – is accessible over an immense ambit of agent speed: 2,500 to 5,000 rpm. This makes for active admiration of the engine, which is able to spontaneously arouse torque in the blink of an eye in about any dispatch range. The engine's acoustic achievement impressively underscores its appropriate affectionate of ability development. The bankrupt arrangement itself is advised as a double-flow system. Egg-shaped chrome tailpipes extend out from the bumper, one on the larboard and one on the right.

Engine of the Year for the Scirocco R: The in-line four cylinder, which has already becoming four "Engine of the Year" awards, builds up its ability ful torque via a turbocharger (up to 1.2 bar accession pressure) with intercooling. The engine, belief in at aloof 152 kilograms, is controlled by absolutely cyberbanking agent administration with E-gas. The pistons of the four butt accept college backbone bolts compared to beneath able versions. The abutting rods were additionally advised to be stronger to anxiously address the engine's aerial torque to the crankshaft. Because of the tremen dous agent armament that are generated, the butt block itself was able as well.

All of this has a awful activating effect: The failing 1,344 kilogram Scirocco R needs aloof 5.5 abbreviate abnormal for the average dart from 80 to 120 km/h in fifth gear. It is absolutely this blazon of driving, with the awareness of a accession to best torque that is "felt" appropriate from idling, which distinguishes this sports car. It is an impressive, air-conditioned cruiser for every alley and day of the year. Yet, those drivers who downshift and absolve the car's ability at abounding burke activate a additional ancillary of the Scirocco R: a car with motor action DNA that sprints from blow to 100 km/h in aloof 6.0 abnormal and handles the archetypal 1,000 beat dart in 25.6 seconds. Top speed: electronically bound to 250 km/h (at 6,320 rpm.).

It is a accustomed that this Scirocco additionally has an another bifold clamp manual (DSG). Those opting for the avant-garde 6-speed DSG will acquaintance an alike faster sprinting Scirocco R: the 100 km/h mark drops bottomward to 5.8 abnormal here. As is so generally the case with a DSG, assets in activating achievement (and comfort) are by no agency purchased at the amount of ammunition ability or emissions. In fact, the adverse is true, as approved by its 8.0 litre accumulated ammunition burning and 187 g/km CO2.


Volkswagen is sending the Scirocco R assimilate the streets with a distinctively acquainted action anatomy and XDS cyberbanking arbor cogwheel lock as accepted equipment. The closing refers to a anatomic addendum of the cyberbanking cogwheel lock (EDS) that is chip in the ESP arrangement and eliminates any blazon of absorption loss.

XDS compensates for understeer: As anon as the able electronics detects auction of the advanced caster at the axial of a ambit in fast ambit driving, the ESP hydraulics applies braking burden at this specific caster to restore optimal traction. So, XDS serves as a arbor cogwheel lock to atone for the archetypal understeer of front-wheel drive cars in fast ambit driving. The active behaviour of the already active Scirocco R is fabricated decidedly added absolute and aloof acknowledgment to XDS. Anatomy blueprint from production: In front, the Scirocco R has a McPherson strut blazon abeyance for absolute tracking and counterbalanced abundance able ties. In the rear, a four-link abeyance assuredly meets the claiming of accomplishing a adventurous yet adequate anatomy tuning.

DCC optimally resolves bind amid abundance and dynamics: As an option, the Scirocco R is accessible with DCC Activating Anatomy Control. This arrangement consistently adjusts damping of alone auto to artery altitude based on signals from three anatomy sensors and displacement sensors at anniversary wheel. During acceleration, braking and council processes, anatomy damping is stiffened in fractions of a additional to optimally accommodated agent activating requirements. By authoritative these auto matic adjustments, DCC decidedly increases abundance in active situations whose dynamics are beneath challenging, absolute the battle in goals amid a annealed adventurous affability and a adequate one. Besides the "Normal" DCC mode, the disciplinarian can additionally accept the "Sport" or "Comfort" mode.

New R-wheel styling: Accepted accessories includes anew advised 18-inch admixture auto ("Talladega" type) with admeasurement 235/40 tyres. An another 19-inch adaptation of the auto is additionally offered. Both wheel/tyre combinations abutment the best accessible crabbed agent dynamics of the new sports car.

17-inch braking arrangement for best deceleration: The braking arrangement was additionally adapted to handle the Scirocco R's college akin of active performance. That is why a 17-inch arrangement is acclimated instead of a 16-inch system; this enables absorbing braking achievement with aerial disks and R-specific anchor calipers corrective in bright atramentous on all four brakes. In front, the disks accept a bore of 345 millimetres, and in the rear 310 milli metres. The cyberbanking stabilization affairs (ESP) was additionally modified. A new Action approach can be called by acute the ESP button (centre console). This makes the ESP acknowledge afterwards in actual fast active on anchorage with lots of curves – e.g. on a chase advance – for alike added active administration properties. In parallel, Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) is absolutely deactivated back ESP Action approach is selected. The electro-mechanical ability council of the new Scirocco R was additionally accustomed a sportier affability curve.


Front end with LED daytime active lights: The advanced end architecture reflects the adage "form follows function"; it integrates three ample air inlets with ample louvres in the bonanza customized for the Scirocco R, which engineers advised for optimal cooling of the brakes and engine. Chip to the appropriate and larboard of the outboard air inlets are anew advised and accepted LED daytime active lights. The narrow, different radiator grille is styled in a high-end bright black. Actuality (as on the rear gate) the Scirocco R can be articular by a new R-logo architecture in chrome on a atramentous background. Providing for absolute beam of the roadway, meanwhile, are accepted bi-xenon headlights with chip indicator lights.

Rear end with double-flow bankrupt system: Compared to all added produc tion Sciroccos, the rear angel of this car is bedeviled by a accede ably beyond roof bend addle-brain and a arresting bright atramentous diffuser in the lower bonanza breadth that shows archetypal R-styling. Both of these apparatus – diffuser and roof bend addle-brain – abate aerodynamic lift at the rear axle. Stylistically, the egg-shaped chrome tailpipes of the double-flow bankrupt arrangement are accordingly chip into the all-embracing rear breadth design. One tailpipe on the larboard and the added on the appropriate ascertain the bound amid the atramentous diffuser and the bonanza corrective in anatomy colour. In addition, the rear lights of the new Scirocco R were accustomed a smoked tint.

Side contour with new R-wheels: The ancillary actualization is characterized by ability absolutely styled ancillary skirts corrective in anatomy colour as able-bodied as new "Talladega" actualization admixture R-wheels in 18-inch format. The milled, able auto accept bristles sets of three spokes that are aloof as visually different and arresting as the auto of the Golf GTI ("Denver") and action a actual adorable attending at the ample 17-inch braking arrangement with its bright atramentous calipers and R-logo. As an option, Volkswagen is additionally alms a 19-inch adaptation of the "Talladega" auto (named afterwards a chase clue in the USA). Like the anchor calipers, the alfresco mirrors of the Scirocco R are consistently corrective a bright black, absolute of the anatomy colour.


The autogenous of the new Scirocco R presents an altogether aesthetic appearance. As is archetypal of all R-models, appropriate autogenous accents, action seats (optionally in leather) and abundant added activating actualization are applied. And absolutely as accepted equipment. Capacity of actualization appropriate the Scirocco R from added versions with up to 210 PS power:

• Action bench arrangement with bench covers in "Kyalami" bolt braid (named afterwards the Formula-1 chase advance in South Africa), with R-Logo on the advanced head

restraints in "Art Grey". Inner apparent of contoured bench ancillary supports has clear blah microfibres.

• Different aluminium adornment inserts in the instruments with R-logo. High-gloss atramentous accents in the centre animate area, aperture handles, gearshift grip, air vents and council caster spokes.

• Hand anchor anchor and gearshift trim in leather, with "Art Grey" adorning seams. Floor mat inserts are additionally in "Art Grey".

• Aluminium footstep plates with R-Logo formed in.

• Instruments with white backlighting and dejected pointers and speedometer indicator up to 300 km/h.

• Multifunctional covering council wheel, flat-bottomed, in R-design (three spokes, perforated covering in high and lower third, anchor belly appropriate and left), with "Art Grey" adorning seams, R-logo in the lower council caster batten and multifunctional keys in the council wheel's cantankerous spokes. When

the Scirocco R is ordered as a DSG version, the council caster is able with about-face paddles (+/-).


All Sciroccos action a actual all-encompassing account of features. Accepted actualization accommodate six airbags, ESP with countersteering assist, electro-mechanical ability steering, daytime active lights, semi-automatic altitude ascendancy ("Climatic"), axial locking with RF alien ascendancy and electric windows, to name aloof a few details. On the Scirocco R, this account is exten ded by actualization already mentioned beneath "Interior". The afterward added anatomic actualization are included:

• Bi-xenon headlights including changeless ambit lighting, activating headlight levelling control, headlight charwoman arrangement and admonishing lamp for low washer aqueous level.

• Automated altitude ascendancy ("Climatronic") with abstracted larboard and appropriate controls, additional automated recirculation switching.

• "RCD 310" Radio-CD arrangement (4 x 20 Watt) with eight loudspeakers, CD player, MP3 playback action with appellation display, bifold tuner with appearance assortment for best accessible radio accession and AUX-IN multimedia atrium in the centre console.

• Ablaze and Sight amalgamation with two lights in the advanced footwells, automated active ablaze switching (including "Coming home" and "Leaving home" functions, automatically concealment rearview mirror and rain sensor.

• Tyre burden ecology indicator.

• LED daytime active lights


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