New Car News 2010 :G-Power Typhoon X6 M and X5 M

555 hp from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 is 5 hp added almighty than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, authoritative the X6 M the best able assembly SUV on earth. Still, 600 hp is the new black, so a banal X6 M aloof ain't activity to cut it. Thank heavens, then, for G-Power.

Meet the G-Power Typhoon. Thanks to 15% added airflow to the intercoolers, G-Power was able to altercation an added 45 hp out of the Bimmer's motivator. Torque's up a bit, too. From 500 lb-ft to 516. G-Power claims the 0-62 mph birr is bargain to 4.5 seconds, too. One affair with that, however: Inside Line ripped off a 4.3 additional 0-60 mph bang in a banal X6 M, acceptation this actuality Typhoon should be three flavors of bonkers.

G-Power Typhoon X6 M and  X5 M

Then there's the amount of looks, consistently a afraid point back discussing avant-garde Bimmers. Here's what we recommend. Go bottomward to your affable adjacency BMW banker with a folding chair. Locate an X6. Sit bottomward in advanced of it and alpha staring. Meditate, let aggregate abroad you've anytime accepted or anticipation about cars and car architecture cook out of your mind. This should booty amid bristles and seven hours. The salespeople won't apperception -- honest. Back you breeze out of your abstraction with your doors of acumen aback nailed open, the X6 will arise to you as it absolutely is -- appealing okay-looking.

That settled, we'll accept to affection the G-Power's mods. For instance, you can't say the new advanced blow looks worse than the old one, can you? And who amidst you doesn't adulation 25mm contour tires benumbed on 23-inch wheels? There's all sorts of carbon cilia this and kevlar that accessible as well. The best allotment aloof ability be that G-Power isn't abrogation the X5 M -- the X6 M's animal duckling affinity -- out in the cold, as there's a Typhoon kit for it, too.


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