New Honda CB Twister pictures|2010 CB 100 cc specs

New Honda CB 100 cc Twister pictures
New Honda CB 100 Twister pictures
New Honda CB100 Twister image
New Honda CB 100 Twister picturesSpy pics of Honda’s new 110cc motorcycle alleged ‘CB100 Twister’. Although the Twister alternation comprises of able engines of 250cc or 300cc but the one alien in our country tomorrow would abandoned be 110cc capacity. The aerial accommodation Twister alternation bikes are operating actual able-bodied in the Brazilian market. Honda’s Indian operations accept aloof launched the new Honda CB Twister in India, a 110cc 4-stroke air-cooled motorcycle which will be awash at about 42,000 Rupee, which translates to about RM3,063. 110cc motorcycles annual for about bisected of absolute motorcycle sales in India, and India is expectedly the world’s additional better motorcycle bazaar abaft China. Honda sells about a actor motorcycles anniversary year in India alone, and the new CB Twister is accepted to annual for 220,000 units a year.


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