Autos News 2010:Lotus Omnivore graph 2-stroke HCCI engine specs

Lotus Omnivore specs
Lotus Omnivore graph

Lotus apparent a abstraction agent at the Geneva appearance beforehand this year. It’s basically a monoblock (integrated block and head) agent that runs on a two-stroke operating aeon that Lotus says is added ill-fitted to flex-fuel operations than accepted 4-stroke engines.

There is a accomplished amount of tech arranged into the Omnivore. Other than actuality almighty 2-stroke in a apple of 4-stroke car engines, its got capricious compression ratio, absolute ammunition injection, and the adeptness to run on HCCI mode, which is basically diesel-like sparkless ignition, except that it isn’t a agent engine.

“The automotive industry, including Lotus Engineering, has absolutely accurately advocated agent downsizing for four-stroke engines. This is as a aftereffect of the ascendancy of the four-stroke aeon in the automotive apple and its bearing of throttling losses at part-load, area cartage run best of the time,” says Jamie Turner, Lotus Engineering arch architect of powertrain research.

“The two-stroke cycle, conversely, does not ache from cogent throttling losses and in abounding means is a added accustomed fit for automotive use. With the thermodynamic disadvantages of throttling losses removed, the two-stroke agent is chargeless to be sized according to its bigger part-load ammunition consumption. Downsizing accordingly isn’t basic and, due to the bigger light-load ability and emissions achievement we see with Omnivore, this technology access and ‘upsizing’ could admittance a added able engine,” adds Turner.


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