Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Pictures|Specification Guide

Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Pictures
Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Pictures
Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Picture
Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Pictures

Yamaha Gladiator 2010 Pictures

Gladiator is an accomplishment by Yamaha Motor India to accomplish a abode for itself in the controlling bike segment. Developed as a abutting bearing fun bike, Gladiator brings with it the ethics of superb performance, new styling, greater administration and comfort. It targets the users, who appetite appearance with stability.

Looks and Styling

Yamaha retains the basal anatomy of the Fazer, yet it sports a added acceptable look. Sporting a beefy design, the bike has die-cast amateur catch and a ample ammunition catchbasin with its balanced copy air scoops on both sides. The stepped up architecture of the bench lends a adult attending to the Gladiator. The bike is able with appearance like ammunition catchbasin with faculty of cartoon and volume, new architecture ancillary cover, appendage cowl and advanced cowl, anew advised close highlighting downforce band etc.

Control and Comfort

The adverse aerialist for the crankshaft after-effects in low accordance for the Gladiator. Thus it improves the all-embracing clarification and ride comfort. The Gladiator is accessible with a different fuel-saving affection alleged YTPS or the Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor. The Yamaha Gladiator DX is able with an electric alpha and 240 mm advanced disc brakes, while the accepted Yamaha Gladiator comes with boom brakes and kickstart. The bike can be started in any accessory and offers accomplished bend handling. Its adult anatomy anatomy assisted by ablaze weight design blazon anatomy is the affirmation of abiding riding. Suspension adjustment ensures the smooth, jerk chargeless biking.


The Gladiator is able with a distinct cylinder, four-stroke agent that churns out a displacement of 123.7cc. The agent produces a aiguille ability of 11PS at 7,500 rpm and the aiguille torque of 10.4Nm sets at 6,500 rpm. Gladiator ability assemblage is characterized by its 5 acceleration transmission, with optimized accessory ratios. Lighting adjustment accommodate 35W/35W multi-reflector arch light, position indicator and aggregate indicators, aggregate appendage ablaze etc.


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