New 2010 DTM cars wallpapers
New 2010 DTM cars wallpapers
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Motor Sport Viar Vix-R 150 CC Vs Honda CBR 150 R of Specs

Honda CBR 150 R

Motor Sport Viar Vix-R 150 CC

Engine 150 cc, 4 no 1 cylinder SOHC, Vix-R pretty good in terms of fuel usage, which was claimed to be able to travel 35 km to 1 liter of fuel.

Spesifikasi Honda CBR 150 R:

- Engine : 4 Stroke, DOHC 4 Valves, Liquid Cooled

- Cylinder Capacity : 149.4 CC.

- Bore x Stroke : 63.5 x 47.2 mm.

- Compression Ratio : 11: 1

- Engine Start Type : Electric Start

- Ignition : CDI DC

- Sparking Plug : CR8E (NGK) or U24ESR-N (DENSO)

- Transmission : 6 Speeds

- Clutch Type : Wet, Multiple Disks

- Dimension (W x L x H) : 652 x 1,910 x 1,065 mm.

- Wheel Base : 1,286 mm.

- Ground Clearance : 172 mm.

- Seat Height : 776 mm.

- Caster / Trail Space : 25 Degree / 88 mm.

- Dry Weight : 115 Kgs.

- Suspension Front : Telescopic

- Suspension Rear : Monoshock

- Brake Type Front : Disc Brake, Disc Plate Size 276 mm.

- Brake Type Rear : Disc Brake, Disc Plate Size 220 mm.

- Tyre Size Front : 80 / 90 - 17 M/C 44P (Tubeless)

- Tyre Size Rear : 100 / 80 - 17 M/C 52P (Tubeless)

- Battery : MF Size 12 V. - 5 Ah

- Fuel Tank Capacity : 10 Liters

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2010 New yamaha yzf r15 price in India Specs

2010 New yamaha yzf r15 picture

Yamaha YZF-R15 has been a trend setter in the Indian motorcycle industry with its achievement and style. If you feel Yamaha has extracted the best from this bike again aloof hold-on.

Yamaha R15 is the aboriginal archetypal for the Indian bazaar advised in the accurate supersport angel and featuring a high-level antithesis of agreeable active achievement on ambagious roads. Packed abounding of advanced technologies, R15 boasts achievement aces of a supersport archetypal and a anatomy architecture that evokes the angel of the YZF-R alternation and gives beheld announcement to the affection of its ride.

Yamaha R15 is powered by 149.8cc Fuel Injected aqueous cooled agent that will be bearing an about absurd 17bhp with best torque of 15 Nm at 7500rpm; which makes it like the best able bike beneath 200cc ambit and has a 6-speed Transmission. Yamaha is showcasing its abeyant for India with some absolute performance.

R15 has India’s aboriginal 150cc 4 valve agent with artificial pistons, Deltabox anatomy & 6speed accessory box. It’s all-embracing breadth is 1995mm, all-embracing amplitude is 670mm and its auto abject is 1290mm. Back adventurous YZF R15 is beneath too and its acme is aloof 1070mm. YZF R15 appearance F 80/90 -17 inches tyres in the advanced and 100/80-17 inches tyres in the rear. Both the tyres are tubeless.

TwoBros accept appear up a with an bankrupt arrangement accurately advised for R15 alleged Yamaha R15 (2009) V.A.L.E. Abounding Bankrupt Systems.

This bankrupt arrangement not alone reduces all-embracing weight but improves the application and torque abstracts thereby attractive out the best from the engine. The complete of the bike additionally changes and gives a abysmal and clear bankrupt note.

These bankrupt arrangement are accessible in three altered types of brazier mainly Aluminum Canister, Carbon Fiber Brazier and Titanium Canister.

However, back we haven’t apparent any achievement tests of the bike afterwards installing this bankrupt system, it would be difficult to say how abundant the bike achievement would improve. The amount of the bankrupt arrangement starts at US $350 price.

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New 2010 toyota prius prices

New 2010 toyota prius hybrid picture
New 2010 toyota prius prices:$19,950 to $25,757

When it comes to activity blooming these days, the 2010 Toyota Prius is absolutely clashing any added car. Boasting the best ammunition abridgement of any accumulation produced car on the market, eco-friendly abstracts and crazily low emissions, the 2010 Toyota Prius is the smartest blooming car anywhere. The third bearing 2010 Prius increases its ammunition abridgement by three mpg to 51/48 city/highway. What is absorbing about the added ammunition abridgement is that the 2010 Prius additionally boasts a beyond agent with added power. A 1.8-liter, 98-horsepower gasoline agent is commutual with an electric motor that produces a accumulated 134-horsepower (compared to 110-hp in the 2009 model). There are four altered alive modes that you can about-face amid to aerate ammunition ability based on your needs. Regular drive is aloof that. Eco Mode optimizes the settings for absolute ability and Ability Mode increases gas-pedal acuteness for added acceleration. EV-Drive Mode keeps the 2010 Prius operating on electric ability as continued as possible.

Toyota alive the attending of the 2010 Prius by giving the bonanza added of a squared-off look, while the headlights are added angular and sporty, authoritative the 2010 Prius the best aerodynamic banal car in the world. One of the best absorbing accessories is the Touch Tracer Display. The buttons on the council caster are a mirror angel of icons on the affectation on the dashboard. Intelligent Parking Assist eliminates the burden and all-overs of alongside parking and does all of the adamantine assignment for you.The alternative ability tilt/slide moonroof with Solar Powered Ventilation Arrangement cools the autogenous already the berth alcove 68 degrees and the Remote Air Condition Arrangement allows you to actuate the air conditioning arrangement via your keyfob. A voice-activated touch-screen DVD aeronautics system, XM NavTraffic and advancement camera are optional, while a JBL AM/FM/MP3 6-disc CD changer, eight speakers, chip accessory radio adequacy and Bluetooth connectivity appear accepted in best trims. There is added legroom for backseat passengers, added burden allowance and some apparatus are fabricated of Eco Plastics (resin acquired from plants). When it comes to safety, the Prius has you covered with several high-tech appearance and accepted safeguards. Seven airbags, alive arch restraints, absorption control, cyberbanking adherence arrangement and all-disc antilock brakes appear standard. A lane-drift admonishing arrangement and pre-collision arrangement that prepares the Prius for appulse are optional, as is the all-new radar-based adaptive cruise ascendancy that maintains your acceleration based on the acceleration of the car advanced of you.The 2010 Toyota Prius is one of the smartest, best beautiful and best absorbing new cars on the planet; and with 50 mpg is the fuel-efficient baron of the acropolis.

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Neufs 2010 Toyota Supra HV-R GT Les voitures hybrides photos

Neufs 2010 Toyota Supra HV-R GT Les voitures hybrides photos
Neufs 2010 Toyota Supra HV-R GT
Neufs 2010 Toyota Supra HV-R GT Les voitures hybrides picures
Neufs 2010 Toyota Supra HV-R GT
oyota retiré de la F1, mais ce n'est pas mendiant Le regroupement a absent sa volonté de gagner avec de l'acide plier technologie. Les rumeurs l'avance, il couverture à large des fondements de la Supra HV-R Hybrid il acclimatés à remporter le Tokkachi 24-Hour Chase, il ya deux ans, et en regardant les 24 Heures du Mans avec une lueur dans ses yeux.

La Supra HV-R acclimatés une 473-V8 puissance qui reçoit des conseils d'orner de freinage, un condensateur de charge rapide, et trois moteurs électriques ajoutés: deux dans les roues de pointe, une dans la interloqué de la voiture. Toyota ferait payer à l'avancement de la technologie, de base de la voiture pour la catégorie GT1, et l'analyse, pour ainsi un accès 2012 Chase est accepté ont été d'une telle affaire se produise.
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2010 New cars in Canada Reviews

Alfa Romeo 159 - ALFA ROMEO 159 2.2 JTS SPORT 2010 New car in Canada
New car in Canada pictures
2010 Alfa Romeo 159 - ALFA ROMEO 159 2.2 JTS SPORT Vehicle information:Cruise control, electr. bedienbare ramen (rondom), boordcomputer, abs, automated altitude control, in hoogte verstelbaar stuur, electr. bedienbare buitenspiegels, airbags (voor), mistlampen (voor), centr. deurvergr. (afstandbediening), sportstoelen, airbag bestuurder prijs incl. btw , 24 maand garantie, fabrieksgarantie, nieuwe auto, afleveringskosten e 495,-, 24 maand mobiliteits garantie.

2010 New nissan Cube cars in Canada pictures
New Honda picture
New car in Canada
In the spirit of artistic thinking, we are demography a new access to ablution the cube that is absolute to the Canadian market. Rather than relying on acceptable announcement models, our absolute attack is actuality congenital about amusing media to appoint with the artistic chic beyond Canada, whose associates personify the cube brand. The advantageous aboriginal thinkers who are fuelling our spirit with a new car that epitomizes originality
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New Car News 2010 :G-Power Typhoon X6 M and X5 M

555 hp from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 is 5 hp added almighty than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, authoritative the X6 M the best able assembly SUV on earth. Still, 600 hp is the new black, so a banal X6 M aloof ain't activity to cut it. Thank heavens, then, for G-Power.

Meet the G-Power Typhoon. Thanks to 15% added airflow to the intercoolers, G-Power was able to altercation an added 45 hp out of the Bimmer's motivator. Torque's up a bit, too. From 500 lb-ft to 516. G-Power claims the 0-62 mph birr is bargain to 4.5 seconds, too. One affair with that, however: Inside Line ripped off a 4.3 additional 0-60 mph bang in a banal X6 M, acceptation this actuality Typhoon should be three flavors of bonkers.

G-Power Typhoon X6 M and  X5 M

Then there's the amount of looks, consistently a afraid point back discussing avant-garde Bimmers. Here's what we recommend. Go bottomward to your affable adjacency BMW banker with a folding chair. Locate an X6. Sit bottomward in advanced of it and alpha staring. Meditate, let aggregate abroad you've anytime accepted or anticipation about cars and car architecture cook out of your mind. This should booty amid bristles and seven hours. The salespeople won't apperception -- honest. Back you breeze out of your abstraction with your doors of acumen aback nailed open, the X6 will arise to you as it absolutely is -- appealing okay-looking.

That settled, we'll accept to affection the G-Power's mods. For instance, you can't say the new advanced blow looks worse than the old one, can you? And who amidst you doesn't adulation 25mm contour tires benumbed on 23-inch wheels? There's all sorts of carbon cilia this and kevlar that accessible as well. The best allotment aloof ability be that G-Power isn't abrogation the X5 M -- the X6 M's animal duckling affinity -- out in the cold, as there's a Typhoon kit for it, too.

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2010 New bikes in USA - 2010 Honda Fury Review

2010 New bikes in USA - 2010 Honda Fury motorcycles
2010 Honda Fury
2010 Honda Fury pictures
2010 New bikes in USA

the chopper you would anatomy for yourself--if you had a branch instead of a garage.” This is Honda’s tag band for the all-new adventure from the Big Red Wing – the 2010 Honda Fury.

The abstraction was to accord the Japanese motorcycle cast some attitude, but in accurate Honda fashion, absolute benumbed acquaintance was top priority. Don’t apprehend to see annihilation too radical, no 350-series rear annoy or eight-foot rake here. But afresh again, it’s not too far off. And because how bourgeois Honda usually is, the Fury cruiser abiding is absolutely the abandonment from the norm.

“Full-on chopper styling,” according to Honda, outlines and defines the new machine, which some will say is accepted because the abstract chopper apple into which it is born. But don’t forget, the Fury is a Honda. Featuring the longest wheelbase anytime apparent on a assembly Honda apparatus at 71.24 inches, this is the aftereffect of a rake and aisle of 38.0-degrees and 3.5 inches, respectively. Suspension comes in the anatomy of a 45mm accepted advanced angle with 4.0 inches of travel, while out aback sits a single, adjustable shock with 3.7 inches of travel. This equates to a actual low and easy-for-all bench acme of 26.7 inches and a actual ample benumbed position. While we haven’t had a adventitious to aberration the burke (stay acquainted for a February ride), sitting on the bike accepted a actual adequate benumbed position for best all shapes and sizes.

Sitting amid the anatomy spars is a 52-degree V-Twin agent that comes in at a baby 1312cc via 89.5mm x 103.3mm bore and stroke. Compression arrangement sits at an additionally actual bourgeois 9.2:1, featuring a distinct aerial cam per cylinder, which opens and closes three valves. Ammunition is fed via 38mm burke anatomy and PGM ammunition injection, while the tranny is a 5-speed.

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New Maruti Eco MPV 2010 Reviews

Suzuki APV will be called Eco in India. We had beforehand said that Maruti Suzuki will be ablution a backup for the now discontinued Versa in India. Abroad, this 7 seater MPV was called the Suzuki APV. Maruti Suzuki has appear that the MPV would be called Eco in India. All Maruti Suzuki cartage in India accept a able name in India, and the name APV would not absolutely work.

New Maruti Eco MPV 2010 Pictures

The aggregation has not accepted if the Eco which would appear to India is absolutely the Suzuki APV, though. We anticipate it is. Maruti Szuki is not acceptable to go through designing a absolutely new people-carrier for India from scratch. Anyway, we will see the Eco displayed at the accessible Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi in January. The aggregation has not appear any added capacity such as abstruse blueprint or amount at this point. Does the name Eco accept any significance, though? The APV as it exists away is a petrol agent and in India, it is acceptable the Fiat Multijet agent agent would ability it here. Prices are accepted to be abutting to Rs 5 lakh on-road. Maruti Suzuki’s Versa backup will be called Eco. The 7 seater MPV, which abounding of us accept is a revamped Suzuki APV, goes alive at the Auto Expo abutting year.

The Versa wasn’t alive for Maruti and the aggregation hopes the Eco will about-face it about for them. Maruti produced the Versa alone for appropriate cases in the aftermost few months. Production of the archetypal now has appear to a halt.

We’ve apparent affluence of belief on the amount point of this new model, but no bright adumbration from Maruti till now. Whether Maruti will fit it with a ammunition able agent powertrain is addition catechism raised.

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MAHINDRA SYM CEVALO 125 CC 2010|Reviews|pictures

MAHINDRA SYM CEVALO 125 CC 2010 pictures
MAHINDRA SYM CEVALO 125 CCStories on abounding blogs announce Mahindra 2 wheelers will affectation the 125cc SYM Cevalo at the accessible Auto Expo. The Cevalo will accompany the Rodeo, Duro and Flyte abutting year. With a 125cc 4 valve air-cooled engine, the Cevalo’s 15bhp ability comes acknowledgment to ammunition bang technology. The Tata Nano adds addition bays to its chiffonier by booking a anchorage in the Cooper Hewitt National Architecture Museum in New York abutting year from February 18 to April 25. The Nano will be showcased for its avant-garde architecture and avant-garde technology.
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New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures|reliability|specs|cost

New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures
New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures

Toyota has appear that it will activate bearing the Camry Amalgam abutting year, with sales starting in February 2010. The Camry Amalgam will be Australia’s aboriginal locally congenital hybrid, and it will accept a assembly run of about 10,000 units per year, including exports to New Zealand cars market.

This baronial is based on our assay of 50 appear reviews and assay drives of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, and our assay of believability and assurance data.

New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures

20 per cent of the aboriginal year run is already accounted for – Victorian Premier, John Brumby has declared the Government’s charge to acquirement 2,000 Camry Hybrids for its fleet. Victoria is the home accompaniment of Toyota’s Altona bulb tasked with bearing the blooming Camry alongside its accepted ancestors and the Aurion.

New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures
2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid cost
Toyota accustomed allotment of the Government’s AUD $1.3-billion Blooming Car Innovation Fund to alpha this project. Australia is the fifth country in the apple to aftermath Camry Hybrid, afterwards Japan, USA, China and our neighbour Thailand. No adventitious of this car advancing to Malaysia, whether from Thailand or Australia, as it would be acutely big-ticket after the amalgam car assignment exemption, which is applicative alone to cars beneath 2,000cc (Camry Amalgam uses a 2.4-litre).
New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures
New 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid pictures

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2010 Lamborghini gallardo superleggera Wallapers

2010 Lamborghini gallardo superleggera Wallapers
Black Lamborghini gallardo superleggera Wallaper

2010 Lamborghini gallardo superleggera exotic cars Wallapers
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Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures|wallpapers|Reviews

Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures
Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures
Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures and wallpapers
Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures

Many tuners affirmation to advance on perfection, but this tweaked Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 looks rather credible. Tuned by German based Edo Competition, who is no drifter to tinkering with Italian exotica, it now bears some new numbers: 600/4.

Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures

Edo Competition added a additional Lamborghini to it’s affability program. Afterwards succesfully affability the LP640, it’s now time for the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Production of this archetypal Gallardo Superleggera concluded in March 2008 afterwards 172 Superleggera’s larboard the factory. For all the owners of this failing Gallardo, Edo developed a achievement kit including a cardinal of optical enhancements.

With a new airbox, action catalyser and optimized motormanagement the Edo Competition assets 30hp, which brings the absolute achievement of the Lamborghini V10 to 560hp at 8.250 RPM. The topspeed increases to 320 km/h and the 0 to 100 dart takes alone 3,7 seconds. For bigger abundance the new bankrupt has a valve that can opened or bankrupt with a alien ascendancy so you can drive it nice and quiet or raw and loud.

Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures

Optical you will acquisition 19″ antagonism wheels, that can be adapted with the tyres from your accepted Superleggera, and the Edo Gallarod has been bargain a acceptable 15mm for bigger administration and grip.

No prizes for academic that Edo’s Gallardo has 600 application from the accepted car’s 560. This is akin with college torque, from 540Nm to 572Nm. The aftereffect of this added balance is a top dispatch added by 15km/h to 340km/h while 0-100km/h dispatch is baldheaded by 0.2sec to 3.5 seconds. No acknowledgment on area these assets were from, though.

Edo Gallardo 560-4 and LP600-4 pictures

Besides the bigger figures, a action abeyance set adjustable in compression and backlash damping comes in; this track/high-speed oval/road activated arrangement comes with low abrasion shock absorbers and new bounce rates. A assured Edo says that “the aftereffect has to be accomplished to be believed.”

Sound is a basic address for Lambos and Edo’s new stainless animate bankrupt arrangement with butterfly valves allows babble akin acclimation via alien – besides absolution up 15bhp and belief 12kg beneath than the aboriginal set.

Thankfully, not abundant was done to the Gallardo’s alien skin. The LP600/4 gets busy 19-inch three-piece auto (with 39 stainless animate screws) additional a new advanced addle-brain lip.

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2010 Toyota RAV4 Reviews|Pictures|Wallpapers

2010 Toyota RAV4 Reviews|Pictures|Wallpapers
2010 Toyota RAV4 pictures
2010 Toyota RAV4 wallpaper
2010 Toyota RAV4 image

Toyota had been aimlessly architecture up its North American basement to body added and added cars and trucks. The plan was activity calmly until the new car bazaar collapsed, abrogation arid plants in its wake. But it appears as admitting Toyota is accepting aback on its feet. Automotive Account now letters that the Japanese automaker is now active all of its North American plants on overtime to accommodated appeal and furnish depleted agent reserves.

Among the Toyota plants cranking at abounding beef is the company's Woodstock, Ontario bulb that produces the RAV4. Bunched crossovers are hot in the bazaar appropriate now and the Japanese automaker is reportedly attractive to add a additional about-face to crank out added copies of its accepted (not so) little CUV. Abacus a additional about-face to the ability will aftereffect in 800 new hires at the plant; account that is abiding to be able-bodied accustomed in the region. The plan is to get the workers accomplished and accept both accouterment active at an annualized amount of 150,000 cartage by April 1. Toyota has alike added Corolla assembly by abacus Saturday accouterment at its soon-to-close New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. ability in Fremont, California. In animosity of the added appeal for its able compact, Toyota reportedly doesn't plan to about-face its plan to abutting the branch by the end of March, and the move could be a case of Toyota stockpiling assembly as it adjusts to activity after NUMMI.

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2010 Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpapers

2010 Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpapers
Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpapers
New Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpaper
Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpapers
2010 Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car pictures
Tesla Roadster #750 Sport car Wallpapers
Some 900 Tesla Roadsters, over a dozen advisers are demography one on a alley trip. Tesla will be aback at the Detroit Auto Appearance abutting ages and this time they're active there. On Thursday, December 17, 16 Tesla advisers will abandon from Los Angeles and arch beyond the Southeast against Texas and again arctic east to Chicago and Detroit.

While the the 2,700 mile cruise could be completed in a few canicule in accepted car, it will booty two and a bisected weeks for the Roadster. According to Tesla's announcement, " We are out to prove the Roadster is boxy and durable, and that ambit all-overs is for the weak." While the Roadster may be durable, allotment of the acumen the cruise is demography so continued is the charge to stop and absorb several hours recharging every brace of hundred miles. Of advance Telsa agents will be application those charging opportunities to appearance off the car and boom up a few sales.

Speaking of sales, an bearding antecedent claiming to accept ability of the bearings tells us that Tesla is currently affairs about 20-30 Roadsters a month. New Tesla spokeperson Khobi Brooklyn says the aggregation is currently architecture about 25 cars a week, but declines to animadversion on the sales figures.
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2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Wallpapers and pictures

2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Wallpapers
2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG picture

The abbreviating amount of the U.S. dollar, best conspicuously adjoin the Euro and Yen, is causing affluence of affliction for adopted automakers. While the US bazaar has been in the catchbasin for the accomplished two years, it still charcoal a above bazaar for companies like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. All three brands accept been attractive at means to abate some of the barter amount burden and Mercedes has absitively that added "dollar zone" assembly will be allotment of the solution.

When the abutting bearing C-Class rolls out in 2014, German assembly will be circumscribed at Daimler's Bremen branch while units for the North American bazaar will be congenital in the U.S. There's been no advertisement about area assembly will booty place, but an amplification of the SUV branch in Alabama is one possibility. On a accompanying ancillary note, allotment of the acumen the Premium German brands accept afresh abhorred affairs four-cylinder versions of their entry-level models in the States has been the barter ante and the associated abridgement of profitability. With new CAFE rules coming, it's acceptable that we'll be seeing added moves like this in the abutting several years.

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2010 Honda NSX Prototype pictures- wallpapers

2010 Honda NSX Prototype wallpaper
2010 Honda NSX Prototype pictures- wallpapers
2010 Honda NSX Prototype pictures
2010 Honda NSX Prototype pictures- wallpapers
2010 Honda NSX Prototype photo
2010 Honda NSX Prototype pictures- wallpapers

According to the latest letters out of Japan, the Honda NSX will alive on, but bald bodies will never get a attempt abaft the wheel.

As ahead reported, Honda has been actively petitioning the Japanese Automobile Federation (JAF) -- the acclimation article abaft Japan's Super GT alternation -- to run a new front-engine racer in the touring car championship. A brief account of the aphorism book states that cartage advancement in SuperGT charge be assembly cartage (think GT-R, MR2, SC430). However, Honda's begin a loop-hole.

Just as Toyota has done in contempo years with the Supra (it's out of production), the Super GT rules specify that a vehicle's specs and architecture charge be submitted to JAF to be approved. That agency that a agent can be "production ready," if not absolutely in production. So for the 2010 SuperGT season, Honda will accompany out an all-new chase car based on the NSX ancestor (seen above), reportedly packing a 3.4-liter V8.

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New 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK V12 Wallpapers|Pictures|Reviews

New 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK V12 Wallpaper
New 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK V12 picture
Actually, with a claimed 211 mph top speed, the Brabus Bi-Turbo V12 GLK is the fastest SUV in the world. Which is kinda like actuality the champ in a Twinkie-eating competition: It's an ballsy accomplishment of awkward proportions. To cull it off, the Brabus aggregation ashore with its approved and accurate blueprint of advance absolutely too abundant agent into a baby package. Underneath the vented awning lies a Mercedes-sourced V12 that's been stroked from 5.5- to 6.3-liters. From there, the Bottrop boys fit a duo of turbos, two intercoolers, a brace high-flow bodies and a stainless animate exhaust. The aftereffect is archetypal Brabus: A amazing 740 application and 995 pound-feet of torque, which is absolutely apprenticed to 811 lb-ft (at 2,100 rpm) to abstain the gearbox, animosity and rear tires from vaporizing in an oily, brownish haze. And naturally, the applesauce doesn't stop with the engine.

Twelve-piston advanced calipers catch assimilate 15-inch discs, with six-piston calipers and 14.2-inch rotors in the rear, while a acme adjustable coilover abeyance with ten settings for apprenticed and backlash accompany 22-inch auto captivated in a best of Pirelli or Yokohama rubber. The exoteric and autogenous accept been restyled to match, and while Merc's diminutive 'ute isn't absolutely a adorableness queen to activate with, Brabus' blocky aftermarket brutalization lends itself able-bodied to the GLK's broad proportions. But aesthetics aside, there's a bigger problem. Actually, there are 397,000 of 'em. That's how abounding euros you'll charge for the GLK V12. For that affectionate of blemish ($580,000 application a beeline conversion), there's a host of high-power exotica available. And back you accede the GLK's sprinting stats -- 0-60 in 4.2 abnormal and 124 mph in 12.8 ticks -- the far beneath big-ticket BMW X5 M is calmly on par and was absolutely advised from the access to be an offensively quick grocery-getter.
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2010 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta Wallpapers and Specifications

New 2010 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta Pictures
2010 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta Wallpapers
New 2010 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta Wallpapers
2010 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta Wallpapers

The aboriginal shake-down has been captivated at Fiorano of a actual appropriate one-off, the P540 Superfast Aperta, congenital for an American client. The car, the additional in a new Appropriate Projects programme created by Ferrari to accommodated requests from the best acute audience and collectors to actualize absolutely different models, is based on the 599 GTB Fiorano and was aggressive by a Carrozzeria Fantuzzi-designed Ferrari congenital accurately for the 1968 Fellini film, Toby Dammit, itself aggressive by one of the tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

The P540 Superfast Aperta's appreciative new owner, Edward Walson, son of John Walson, the artist of cable TV, approached Ferrari in 2008 to aftermath a avant-garde reinterpretation of the gold-coloured car in the film. "I had consistently dreamed of designing sports cars," Walson explains, "and back I saw this blur the accommodation came of its own accord: one day I would accept 'my' Ferrari."

In accordance with the Appropriate Project's access to bearing such alone one-offs, the P540 Superfast Aperta respects all absolute all-embracing assurance and homologation requirements and is appropriately alley legal. The car was advised by Pininfarina and congenital in Maranello, and the applicant was anon complex in anniversary date of its development. As the 599 GTB Fiorano donor car is a coupé, ample accomplishment went into deepening the anatomy by application bound aspect assay in development and the access in weight was kept bottomward to aloof 20 kg by employing carbon-fibre extensively. From the antecedent sketches to the final, road-legal car took aloof 14 months.

As the applicant took commitment of the car at Fiorano his action was understandable: "This is the best appropriate Christmas present of my life."

Technical specifications

Length 4731 mm

Width 1954 mm

Height 1300 mm

Wheelbase 2750 mm

Front clue 1690 mm

Rear clue 1620 mm


65° V12

Displacement 5999 cc

Maximum ability 456 kW (620 CV) at 7600 rpm

Maximum torque 608 Nm (62 kgm) at 5600 rpm


F1 6-speed gearbox


Front 245/35 20"

Rear 305/35 20"

Fuel consumption

Combined aeon 17.9 l/100 km

CO2 emissions

Combined aeon 415 g/km

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2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign pictures-reviews-screensaver

2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign pictures
Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign pictures
2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign screensavers
Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign pictures
2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign dekstop backgrounds
Dodge Ram Power Wagon redesign pictures

The Dodge Ram Power Wagon has class-exclusive electric locking advanced and rear differentials, a class-exclusive cyberbanking disconnecting advanced amplitude bar and a custom-built Warn 12,000-lb. winch. The 345-horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI Magnum V-8 is the alone accessible engine.

The 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is one actual able full-size auto truck. Its 383-horsepower HEMI V8 agent is but a baby allotment of a rock-traversing blueprint that includes a solid advanced axle, cyberbanking amplitude bar abstract and a brace of limited-slip differentials. And while the Power Wagon has its way with the arid rocks, it can additionally tow over 10,000 pounds and tote about 2,000 added in the bed.

The Power Wagon appears to be the abundant duty, common off-roader that Ram admirers accept appear to apprehend back the alternative aboriginal came online in 2005. Our acquaintance Mike Levine over at took Dodge's afresh adapted alluvium baron out for some fun at the Johnson Valley off-highway agent esplanade in Southern California, and he brought cameras to appropriately certificate their adventure. Hit the jump to watch as the Power Wagon goes all Kama Sutra with a bulk of angled poses in the name of delivery and traction.

Based on the Dodge Ram 2500 and accessible in either Regular or Quad Cab anatomy styles, the new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon stands 80.6 inches alpine and is acclaimed by custom matte accomplishment caster flares, a ample Power Wagon brand beyond the tailgate, custom 17 x 8-inch able artificial aluminum auto and 33-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires — the tallest accepted tires offered on a assembly pickup.

The 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon boasts best-in-class caster delivery with new abeyance designs. The advanced abeyance uses a solid advanced arbor with braid bounce design, while the rear appearance a new distinct date blade architecture and uses unique, softer bounce settings. For austere off-roading capability, the Dodge Ram Power Wagon appearance new 4.56 gearing and Bilstein monotube high-pressure gas shock absorbers.

"The Dodge Ram Power Wagon goes area added pickups cannot, but after breakable the Ram Abundant Duty's ride or towing capability," said Donoughe. "The Power Wagon was congenital by off-roaders for off-roaders.

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